Tips & Techniques

This page contains tips and techniques for using Fotobounce.

Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR is a reliable multi-platform platform for developing apps. Fotobounce relies on Adobe AIR for delivering a similar application experience on both Windows and Apple Mac. To ensure you are always running the latest version you can go direct to Adobe and get the current version of AIR here:

Suggested Methods for Tagging People

One of the great features of Fotobounce is the ability to quickly tag the people in your photos. And the benefit of tagging all your photos with the people in them is simple – ease of access. So when you need all the photos of a specific person or a group of people you will be able to have them at your fingertips immediately.

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Photo Sharing is Fun with Fotobounce

Fotobounce offers multiple ways to make photo sharing fun and easy. We’ll explore a few of these options to demonstrate how simple it is to use Fotobounce to share your photo collections with others and for them to do the same with you.

If you don’t like sharing images via public sites like Facebook and Flickr because you are concerned about privacy and ownership of your valuable photos then Fotobounce has a great solution for you. You can establish a private Fotobounce network of friends and family. In this scenario each of your friends installs Fotobounce. The photos never leave your private network and are never copied to a website located in some undefined location. The photos are also not modified from their original size, resolution and format. This is a big bonus, especially if you want to print the photos without losing sharpness and clarity. Fotobounce also saves you loads of time, since all of the tagging information is shared, which means you (or those you share photos with) do not have to recreate the tags and captions for each photo.

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