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Is Fotobounce a web-based application?

Not yet, but before the end of the year we will be launching a web-based version of Fotobounce. Fotobounce is a desktop application that runs on Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, and Apple OSX 10.5 or newer. Fotobounce maintains your privacy and full control over your photos. We can also deliver a faster and richer experience by running on your local system. You can also have secure access to your photos via the Fotobounce Mobile website or the Fotobounce Viewer product on another desktop or from your Apple or Android mobile device.

How do I access the Fotobounce Roku channel

The Fotobounce Roku channel is private and can be accessed and installed through the Roku website. The current version of the app is 1.3. To get the new Fotobounce channel on your Roku, go to the web URL: https://owner.roku.com/add/DPSAK

How do you share photos in Fotobounce?

Fotobounce allows you to share photos directly with peers, or with major social networks.

  • Connect with peers as fellow “Bouncers” via the Sharing menu
  • Share full resolution images with all friends directly including all associated people tags
  • Upload your photos to Facebook with all of your tagging information
  • Upload your photos to Google Web Albums
  • Upload your photos to Flickr
  • View your photos remotely via the Fotobounce Viewer from a mobile device such as Android, iPhone, iPad or Playbook, or use the Fotobounce Mobile website.

How do you handle my social network login information?

Your login credentials are never stored within Fotobounce. An authenticated login token is stored locally on your Fotobounce desktop computer enabling subsequent logins to Facebook, Google+ or whatever your favorite network is. And we do use SSL (encrypted) connections to transfer data between Facebook or other networks and Fotobounce.

Do you store any of my photos on your servers?

With the Fotobounce Desktop product, the short answer is no – we don’t store any of your data.

When using the remote access feature via Fotobounce Viewer/Fotobounce Mobile or when doing transfers between you and other Fotobounce users with our private peer network, the transfers are attempted to be sent directly and if that fails they go through our proxy server, but data is not stored for any amount of time – we are merely a broker to make the connection work. We use a similar approach to Skype when it connects two users together.

Note that if you email a photo to your Fotobounce inbox, then those photos are temporarily stored on our mail server until you actually download the photo via the inbox feature on the desktop Fotobounce app and then they are deleted.

Will you support Linux?

We did release a beta version of Fotobounce on Linux. We received no feedback from users so we have dropped support. Linux users will be able to run the web-based version of Fotobounce. You can sign up for the private beta for the Fotobounce Cloud version.

Is there a way to test the Fotobounce Viewer app?

If you want to test remote access from the Android or Apple iOS app called the Fotobounce Viewer then do the following:

– install app from appropriate app store
– enter the username “fototest” and password “bouncer”
– this will connect you to our test server with some celebrity photos
– the test server is usually running most of the time

This is will give you an excellent idea of what you would be able to see remotely from the Viewer or from our Fotomobile website with your private Fotobounce desktop library. Of course, this is only available IF you turn on remote access on your Fotobounce desktop system.

How can I can have more discussion about Fotobounce?

Check out our Forum or feel free to email us: info [at] fotobounce.com.

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