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How do you share photos with your parents or grandparents? If your parents or grandparents are not computer savvy or not active on social media sites where photo sharing is prevalent, getting favorite photos to them can be difficult and time consuming.

Basically, you’re limited to either print the photos (individually or in a fancy photo book) and then mail them or personally deliver them; or you can share the photos from your laptop or other mobile device on your next visit. While visiting with the folks and grandfolks is a good thing, it’s not always the most convenient due to geography and/or time. What other option is there to easily and privately share favorite family and event pics?

For Fotobounce users whose parents and grandparents have access to a computer, there’s the Fotobounce Viewer and there is Fotobounce Mobile. The Viewer is installed on their computer (either by you or by them – not difficult if they are comfortable with basic computer tasks). Installation takes only a few minutes. Once installed and with a username and password, they can access your photo library remotely and securely from their computer and the connection between the two computers is encrypted and protected from any other parties. All the while, the photos remain on your computer and under the control of Fotobounce. And don’t forget the Fotobounce Viewer also runs on Android phones and tablets and Apple devices, and prices of these devices continue to drop – making great gifts.

Fotobounce Mobile runs on any HTML5 browser – in other words, all of today’s modern browsers. This makes it possible to access your photos from newer Smart TV’s that offer a browser.

Because Fotobounce tags your photos using face recognition and offers lots of options to organize your photos into albums, your parents and grandparents are able to easily find pics by person or album. Of course, you determine which albums they are able to access as well.

Fotobounce also boosts your family photo-sharing efforts for moms, dads and grandparents without access to a computer. If you are using Fotobounce and have your people tagged, a quick sharing alternative is to load a photo frame with all the photos you would like to share. In this case, these photos would most likely include those that have your parents and/or grandparents in them. You can easily do this with Fotobounce by going to the People page, select the thumbnails of your parents and/or grandparents, click the camera icon and all photos containing any (or all) of them will be displayed in date order. You can select all photos and then export them to a photo frame. This would make a great birthday or anniversary present!

As you can see, Fotobounce is a great option to easily and privately share these favorite photos with those family members you treasure most. By doing so, you’ll play an active role in helping today’s generation enjoy these photos as well as assist in preserving your family’s pictorial history for generations to come.

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