Organizing your scanned photos

In the previous article we (hopefully!) convinced you to take your favorite photos out of those shoeboxes, binders and old albums and digitize them so that future generations can enjoy them. We covered multiple ways to capture those long forgotten photos including scanning with several devices, using your smartphone camera and sending the photos to a commercial scanning service. Let’s assume that you have now completed that task and have a digital folder full of photos.

In this article, we’ll explain how Fotobounce helps organize your photos using multiple indexes for ease of access.
We also suggest you develop a high-level strategy for organizing your photos based on the type of photos you have. Fotobounce offers the following criteria for categorizing your images:

  • Dates: This is the default method that categorizes based on the image date.
  • People: Fotobounce’s powerful face recognition feature identifies faces, which you are then able to tag, creating a great directory or index of all the people in your photos.
  • Collections: These are general categories of photos (“vacations,” for example) and can be hierarchical (one album contained within a bigger album).
  • Events: Similar to Collections but focused on recurring or one-time events.
  • Places: Similar to Collections but focused on specific locations that you frequent.
  • Keywords: Used for tagging general characteristics of photos such as “beach” or “fun stuff” or “winter.”

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