Download 3k – Editor Review – Very Good.

Fotobounce is not a photo manager like the rest. It has intuitive functions useful to everyone, and mostly people with a lot of photographs in their possession. No more hustle when sorting, tagging and sharing your images; all of those features are available to you from one slick environment.

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CNET – Editor Review – Spectacular rating.

Fotobounce’s facial recognition feature is extremely cool and surprisingly effective. Don’t be put off by the process of identifying faces for the software so it can help you identify individuals in photos as you load new images; it’s easy and actually a whole lot of fun. See for yourself; again, it’s free.

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FindMySoft – Review and Video – Excellent rating.

It allows you to organize and manage all your desired photos with ease, using their EXIF information. Besides that, the user can view images according to several criteria. Furthermore, photos can be easily uploaded to the most popular online services, like Facebook or Flickr. What’s more, images can be captured from any web camera.

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Musings from a stay at home mom – Review – Excellent rating.

Overall, I was very impressed with the innovative technology of Fotobounce. Between the security settings, the organization, and everything in between, it has saved me a lot of time and hassle. Fotobounce is something all busy moms can use to share photos in a safe, timely manner.

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