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Mar 18, 2015 – Applied Recognition on Cogeco 23

Interviewer James Spalding from Cogeco Channel 23 interviews Don Waugh, Co-CEO, and discusses the Applied Recognition product family including FotoTiger and Fotobounce.

Here is the link to the segment: Applied Recognition on Cogeco 23

Dec 29/2014 – Fotobounce mentioned on CTV Canada AM

Tech expert extraordinaire, Marc Saltzman, mentioned Fotobounce in his photo products review on CTV’s Canada AM program – aired on Dec 29-14. Per Marc’s comments, Fotobounce is one of the world’s best face recognition programs for tagging and sharing photos.

Along with his weekly syndicated column with Gannett and, Marc currently contributes to more than 40 prominent publications, including USA Today, USA Weekend, AARP, Yahoo!, Costco Connection (U.S. and Canada), MSN, Toronto Star, Postmedia, Media Planet, (formerly Sympatico), Rogers Connected, Common Sense Media, Movie Entertainment, Chill, Telus Talks Business and Homefront.

Here is the link to the segment: Fotobounce on CTV
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September 23, 2015 – Facial Recognition Could Transform Personal Security

An article on Techvibes talking about our use of face recognition technology for identification purposes. This application reduces fraud while at the same time improving the user experience because passwords are a pain to manage. Quoting from the article: ‘Dwoskin and Waugh both believe that face recognition will be very prominent in the future of security, especially for large companies looking to protect their corporate interests. This is because, according to Waugh, no one, not even by using a picture of you, can replicate your face. It’s your primary form of identification in every area of your life, and this team is bringing it out from the shadows and putting it in our hands.’ Click here for the review.

November 18, 2014 – Review by The Next Web.

A review highlighting our new FotoTiger app for Android. Click here for the review.

May 3, 2012 – Review by PCWorld and PCAdvisor.

A review highlighting our world-class face recognition capability. Click here for the review.

July 1, 2010 – Marc Saltzman and Ted Kritsonis review Fotobounce V3.0.

The video review is posted to, a tech news site. Click here for the video.


Mar 6/2015 – Applied Recognition shows off its face recognition portfolio at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress is the premier show for mobile devices and smartphones. Applied Recognition had a booth at the show and was demonstrating the latest and greatest products and capabilities.