Fotobounce overview

Fotobounce is a photo organizer using world-class face recognition smarts to tag, organize, and privately share your digital photos.

Fotobounce tagging example

Fotobounce face tagging

Fotobounce does what you might have come to feel is the impossible. It’s a software application that helps you share and enjoy photos online with family and friends – and NOT sacrifice your privacy. It’s like that clubhouse you built with your friends when you were little where only a select few were invited to come in.

If you are more than a little concerned about revelations that major social networks are sharing your private information with the government then take charge of your personal data.

Here is what Dr. Tamara Monosoff has to say about Fotobounce… (Tamara is founder of, best-selling author, social media expert and nationally recognized media contributor)

Sharing family photos is a daily occurrence for many parents around the globe, yet often times, parents worry about privacy & safety relating to posting pictures of their children in a public space where they can fall into the wrong hands. I was delighted when I discovered Fotobounce because it not only makes it easier to share my photos with friends and family privately but also helps to organize my photos using face recognition! Now precious time is not wasted searching for old photos that I love. Parents everywhere will appreciate this amazing tool and will be eager to share it with the important people in their lives.

Have fun and enjoy your photos!