Fotobounce in the Cloud

Fotobounce is available now from your web-browser!

We work with photos in the Dropbox [photos] folder. So obviously you will need a Dropbox account.

You will be able to tag people, create albums, access Facebook, and share photos privately with friends and family. And you will be able to perform these tasks from any device from smartphone to tablet to desktop, and not lose a beat!

In the future we may add support for other cloud service providers such as, Google Drive and MS Skydrive. And, we will have a migration path for existing Fotobounce users that want to move their photos to the cloud and not lose their indexing investment.

We have had an overwhelming response from people volunteering for beta testing so thanks very much for your interest and support!   If you would like be invited to use Fotobounce Cloud please sign up via this link:

Sign up for Fotobounce Cloud by clicking here.