“I’ve worked with three different face recognition software packages, and Fotobounce is the best at face recognition and is the easiest to use. The remote viewer for iPhone is really fun!”

~ BVB – Ossining NY (Apr 2014)

I’m a new user and have about 9000 photos tagged now thanks to fotobounce. This software is great! Awesome customer service too.  I don’t use the social networking aspects of the software, but I suspect it’s as powerful as the other features in this software.

~ Lauralyn N.  (Mar 2014)

I’m going through a number of old pictures and tagging the people… the facial recognition software is fantastic by the way!

~ Theresa O.

Thank you very much, I spent days trying to find a way to download facebook albums, so I am very glad that I found your website!

~ Bibi P.

I researched photo software to help me with the thousands of digital photos that I had on my computer. Then I found Fotobounce!

I was so impressed with the initial set up. It categorized my photos using facial recognition software so it was fast and easy to identify all my friends and family in the various pictures I had. It was easy to amend photos – so I am thrilled with the flexibility of the software.

I am REALLY looking forward to the next upgrade and the introduction of duplicate detection. I was more than impressed with the customer service.

Even with the free version of the software, my questions were answered immediately! I can’t possibly recommend a product more than I do Fotobounce! I am a customer for life!!

~ Sue M.

I would just like to say this Fotobounce is one of the best products for photo organizing I have come across. The support I’ve received from the Fotobounce team has been excellent.

For me, the best features are being able to store my photos on my pc and view them on my android device!

~ Manpreet S.

I used Picasa for a while, but they are changing it so the focus is all social. If someone doesn’t subscribe to Google+ you can’t tag them in the web albums. Bleh. In fact every other app I looked at is moving towards a ‘social’ focus. It seems odd… since I know I’m not alone in that I’m finally digitizing my family photos and want to share them. The face recognition is great, but I also need to be able to tag everyone. This is the only app I’ve found that is designed to this well. You guys are awesome. Thanks. It means a lot to me as I commit to putting all my photos in an app to know that it is well supported. I have and use all the devices you support (Android phone, iPad, iPod, Kindle Fire as well as Mac and PC.)

~ L.K.

By the way if I have not told you, while I am a new user I have all ready identified faces on around 7,000 pictures. really think your product is a great product and I look forward to working with it further.

~ S.K.

Great product and very easy to use – congratulations! C.V. Telus Communications Inc.

~ C.V.

I’m D. L. from Spain and I began using your program because I needed a program to classify all my digital photos.

Your program seems amazing, and it covers almost all my needs.

~ D.L.

“Downloaded Fotobounce adware version and received such great support that I have decided to buy the full version…..It is simply a fantastic program and can’t live without it now (the support I received was the clincher)”

~ Bev A.

“… I really like the program. Since I am one of those people who know just enough about computers to be dangerous, I am truly amazed at the programs created by the genius groups like yours. Thanks again.”

~ Robert C.

“Great. Did I say I have fun with fotobounce? I have it on my mac, it even recognized people from scanned photos taken in 1930.”

~ Hellen C.

“I just wanted to tell you that I found your Fotobounce software today and it rocks! I have been using the internet since 1990, and I rarely get excited about software, but this is a must have for your software collection and definitely for any social networking user!”

~ Mike B.

“I’ve been using Fotobounce for 5 months now. It has made my life so much easier. I travel quite a bit and I typically take 2000+ pics per trip. This app was exactly what I needed. To allow me to organize my pics and easily retrieve pictures with the use of “Facial Recognition” is a life saver. Can you imagine trying to fumble through …10′s of thousands of photo’s to find pictures of you and a friend. Impossible!! Fotobounce allows me to do it in seconds with the Drag and Drop feature. The Facebook and Flickr integration is great too, but I really like being able to use my Blackberry where ever I am to show friends pics with through the mobile phone connection. I’ve seen marked improvement in the technology since I started using it in May. Each version is better than the last. Keep it coming…I can’t wait to see what else you add as new features.”

~ Jeff. C.