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We are pleased to introduce Fotobounce Mobile for your Android phone.

Through its world-class face recognition technology Fotobounce allows you to take, tag, sort, and securely share photos. Once tagged, people are automatically recognized and tagged in future photos. Pictures can then be shared with the app of your choice or uploaded directly to social networks like Facebook and Flickr. It tags and sorts photos from your camera roll taken with either Fotobounce or your phone’s standard camera.

Here is what people are saying about the new Fotobounce Mobile app:

Great App It does what it says it will and makes things easier. Love it. ~ Alex M.

Tired of social network tools having low privacy and security on default? Annoyed each time they update their policies, which require continual tweaking to protect your photos? Wish it would just recognise the family and friends you upload the most? Fotobounce is designed to safely upload all your pics, while auto-suggesting tags of family and friend you teach it to recognise. Then you can share them only with those you directly nominate or give the access link to. Fantastic! ~ Grant V.

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