Case Studies

Here are some example uses of Fotobounce

One or two people in each social group are usually the photo “masters” for events. Those photo masters spend time managing and tagging the photos for their social circle. Those photo masters can establish a private network of “Bouncers” containing their circle of friends and share the photos easily with those friends. Some occasions when Fotobounce is particularly handy include:

Wedding Photography

You have photos of your wedding and need a quick way to organize them by guest. Once you have collected the digital photos from your guests and your photographer, you can load them onto one computer running Fotobounce. Fotobounce will scan the photos looking for faces. Starting with the first photo, you can start tagging the faces with names. Then you can easily create albums by group; bride side, groom side, and friends. To do that, create a group of people by highlighting the people and then clicking the icon “add to group”. Once the group is created, if you click on the group icon, Fotobounce will show you all the photos with any one of the group members. Then you can select the good photos, and click the icon “create album”. Name the album and then you can share with your private Fotobounce network, or upload the album to Facebook, Flickr, or Google, to share with your group.

Another way to share those photos is to access them via your Android smartphone or iPhone. You can show the photos to friends and family by logging in with your username and password via the Fotobounce Viewer app. Or, you can display the photos remotely from any computer browser at your friend’s house via website.


If you know a friend with a birthday coming up; you can select the friend from your list of people. All the photos of that person are immediately displayed in the photo viewer. You can select the good photos, click on the icon “create album” and you will have an album that you can share with a private Fotobounce network, or upload to Facebook or Flickr to share with your friend. You could also export those photos from Fotobounce and upload to any number of sites that create photo albums, calendars, collages or other photo-based products.

Dinner Parties

You have some friends coming over this Saturday night. You select some photos from a recent trip you went on with those friends and export them directly to your USB-connected photo frame. Makes the evening that much more special to have those memories on display.


You have a couple in the family (or some friend’s) with an anniversary coming up. You can select the two people from your list of people. All of the photos of that couple are immediately displayed in the photo viewer. There are tabs for photos containing either or both of them. You can create an album and then share that album via Facebook, Flickr, or the Fotobounce website. You can always display an album as a slide-show presentation, or export the photos to a photo frame.

Sharing with Parents

You have lots of good photos of the family and your kids that you want to share, but you are uncomfortable uploading those photos to Facebook or other photo sharing site. You can setup a Fotobounce library on your computer with a set of photos that you would like to share with your parents. Then your parents can use the Fotobounce Viewer app on a tablet or their own computer to securely access the photos. Or, with the purchase of a Roku TV box you can install the free Fotobounce channel and securely browse all of your photo collections on your big-screen TV. The Roku box is very portable so you can take to your family or friends house and setup in minutes and share photos of any event. You wouldn’t believe the enjoyment derived from sharing photos on a big-screen with your grandparents.