What is Fotobounce?

Fotobounce does what you might have come to feel is the impossible. It’s a software application that helps you share and enjoy photos online with family and friends – and NOT sacrifice your privacy. It’s like that clubhouse you built with your friends when you were little where only a select few were invited to come in.

Always accessible – Always Private

Fotobounce consists of a suite of related applications:

  1. Fotobounce Desktop application that runs on your PC or Mac desktop or laptop computer
  2. Fotobounce Viewer for remote viewing on your mobile device or from another computer with a native application.
  3. Fotobounce Mobile for remote viewing via your web browser (http://fotobounce.mobi) on your mobile device or from another computer.
  4. Fotobounce Cloud simple photo manager using great face recognition for tagging for managing photos in Dropbox.
  5. Fotobounce Roku Channel for remote viewing via your Roku smart TV appliance.

Together, they make it easy to access your photos for viewing, sharing and enjoying whether you’re at home or on the go. You’ll feel secure knowing that ease of accessibility does not mean loss of privacy.

Fotobounce also makes organizing your digital pics fast and easy with its face recognition technology. This is a great tool when you have hundreds, if not thousands of photos. (Can you say “new baby?”) Fotobounce detects the faces, suggests names which you approve and voila! The photos are tagged and easily searched – especially helpful for putting together family photo montages for anniversaries, birthday parties and more.

These are just a couple of the ways Fotobounce is changing the way photos are shared. Want to know what else makes Fotobounce unique?


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