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Fotobounce is a FREE product. Although we are a free software product we urge you to buy a license if you like it and use it regularly – please purchase via Paypal link below. Click on the appropriate icon below and follow the installation instructions. Note that you may have to uninstall your existing Fotobounce installation if you have any issues (you will not lose any data).

Fotobounce for Windows 3.9.6 Fotobounce for MAC 3.9.6

There is an ad-free version of Fotobounce that can be purchased for $15 USD. Click below to purchase a license. A key will be sent to you that you enter into the free software via the Help menu to activate the license.

Fotobounce is regularly scanned by our download partners. Here is a clean report from Download 3k for the latest version:

Fotobounce antivirus report at

And don’t forget to try Fotobounce Mobile for secure remote access to your desktop photos in Fotobounce. It is available from this link:

The Fotobounce Viewer is a separate (FREE) product that allows you to remotely and securely access your photos in the Fotobounce desktop product. The Fotobounce Viewer is available on the Google Android market, the Amazon Android market, RIM Playbook market, and Apple iTunes. The Fotobounce Viewer will also run on Windows and Mac computers – click on green Viewer icon below for the desktop version. If you are running from a mobile device we will show a link for the appropriate app store.

Fotobounce Viewer Version 1.40

Links to App Stores:

Google Play