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Soon to be retiring.

Fotobounce Desktop

V4.0.4 - All the features with Ads
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Gratis, Free, On the House
  • Fotobounce will be retired Oct 1, 2018.  
  • Third party solution will replace it. Stay tuned for more details.  
  • Name tags will be preserved in new version.  
  • Remember max of 20,000 photos per library  
  • Uninstall previous versions first!  

Current Version is 4.0.4 - Changes in this version:

    - from V4.0.4 - fixed up preference settings for random slide shows, and name format for in-picture tags

       - removed all social networks; too many issues with Facebook privacy for our liking so we no longer want to deal with it

    - from V4.0.1 - fixed up display of photo info in right hand panel

       - fixed name tag selection window that in some cases would not display properly

       - updates to latest AIR builds; some speed improvements

       - removed Facebook friend options - feature not allowed by Facebook

       - removed Facebook people tag download

       - removed Flickr interface and TwitPic interface

Windows Versions

Current version - 4.0.4 - Uninstall any older versions first.

Mac Versions

Current version - 4.0.4 - Uninstall any older versions first.

Fotobounce is regularly scanned by our download partners and free from viruses or malware. Here is a clean report from Download 3k for the latest version:

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