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Facebook is not the greatest for Photos


Facebook is a great social networking tool and the number of users they have attracted proves this obvious fact, but not so great as a storage location to protect your photos. Here are the two key reasons why: Facebook reduces

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Parental Sharing


How do you share photos with your parents or grandparents? If your parents or grandparents are not computer savvy or not active on social media sites where photo sharing is prevalent, getting favorite photos to them can be difficult and

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A Face Could Launch a Thousand Tags


Face Recognition Data – should you be concerned? Face recognition has been a hot topic lately with some wide-ranging concerns being expressed about personal privacy. Before we can properly analyze and discuss the potential exposure face recognition poses to our

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Sharing Tips


Share and share alike? Not when it comes to sharing photos! The goal of this article is to stimulate some thinking about why and how you share your digital photos. As has been seen numerous times in the U.S. political

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