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Scanning those old photos in family albums


Okay… we’ve convinced you that you should take your old photos out of those shoeboxes and photo albums and digitize them so that future generations can enjoy them. Not only will this help preserve them, it also presents a great

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Lost Photo Blues


This is the story of how the track called “The Lost Photo Blues” came to be. Like photos, music is a great connector – that’s what was going through my mind one night a few years ago as I watched

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Protect Photos


Protect Those Digital Memories. The goal of this article is to offer some photo and video preservation tips. With new photographic memories almost exclusively being created in digital formats these days, it’s important to properly manage these important files so

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Family History


The importance of preserving your family history. Every family possesses its unique story. Often, a family’s history becomes lost or forgotten as each generation passes away – and may never have been documented. Preserving family history can be a daunting

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