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Organizing your scanned photos

Grandmother with Granddaughter

In the previous article we (hopefully!) convinced you to take your favorite photos out of those shoeboxes, binders and old albums and digitize them so that future generations can enjoy them. We covered multiple ways to capture those long forgotten

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Face recognition makes prime time with 60 Minute segment


Face recognition has made the big-time news with the feature segment this past weekend on the CBS news program “60 Minutes”. [Click here to watch: ] The slant on the segment was whether face recognition was an invasion of

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Face Recognition and Privacy

face recognition

The interweb is buzzing about Facebook turning off its auto-face-tag feature for European users as a result of pressure from various European privacy groups. This situation highlights one of the critical weaknesses of Facebook and a key strength of Fotobounce.

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A Face Could Launch a Thousand Tags


Face Recognition Data – should you be concerned? Face recognition has been a hot topic lately with some wide-ranging concerns being expressed about personal privacy. Before we can properly analyze and discuss the potential exposure face recognition poses to our

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Fun with Tagging


One of the great features of Fotobounce is the ability to quickly tag the people in your photos. And the benefit of tagging all your photos with the people in them is simple – ease of access. So when you

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