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Big Data vs Your Data

Big Data Image

(and its impact on your digital photos) Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about big data? Have you considered how big data impacts YOUR data? We are going to address the issues the big data trend creates,

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Your data is safe with us

Fotobounce provides a very high level of security

The Interweb has been abuzz with news of the latest security problem called “Heartbleed”. We wanted to provide an update to our users that their data was not affected by this SSL-related issue. Our servers employed a different version of

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Organizing your scanned photos

Grandmother with Granddaughter

In the previous article we (hopefully!) convinced you to take your favorite photos out of those shoeboxes, binders and old albums and digitize them so that future generations can enjoy them. We covered multiple ways to capture those long forgotten

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Scanning those old photos in family albums


Okay… we’ve convinced you that you should take your old photos out of those shoeboxes and photo albums and digitize them so that future generations can enjoy them. Not only will this help preserve them, it also presents a great

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Face recognition makes prime time with 60 Minute segment


Face recognition has made the big-time news with the feature segment this past weekend on the CBS news program “60 Minutes”. [Click here to watch: ] The slant on the segment was whether face recognition was an invasion of

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Cupids Against Cancer


Fotobounce is proud to support the annual Cupids Against Cancer fundraiser. This event raises funds that go to On the Tip of the Toes Foundation. This group takes teens that are fighting cancer on wilderness adventure tours to build confidence

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Face Recognition and Privacy

face recognition

The interweb is buzzing about Facebook turning off its auto-face-tag feature for European users as a result of pressure from various European privacy groups. This situation highlights one of the critical weaknesses of Facebook and a key strength of Fotobounce.

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Lost Photo Blues


This is the story of how the track called “The Lost Photo Blues” came to be. Like photos, music is a great connector – that’s what was going through my mind one night a few years ago as I watched

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Recent reviews and mentions


Fotobounce was reviewed earlier this month by PCWorld and PCAdvisor. Click here for the review. The review highlights one of our key strengths which is face recognition accuracy. Of course, face recognition technology will never be perfect because of the

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Facebook is not the greatest for Photos


Facebook is a great social networking tool and the number of users they have attracted proves this obvious fact, but not so great as a storage location to protect your photos. Here are the two key reasons why: Facebook reduces

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